Vineyard, grape varieties and cellar

A vineyard planted in its majority with Chasselas, the typical winesort present in Lavaux. The wine growers respect tradition and seek for innovation.

The terraces of these wine crops are classified as a UNESCO World Heritages site.

Domaine du Burignon counts 6 hectars of vineyards. This piece of land nourishes and sees maturing a majority of Chasselas, this white winesort appreciated for its minerality. The wine terraces of Lavaux facing the south and the lake, are said to take advantage of three suns : direct rays, reflection of the sun on the lake and night refraction of the heat by the walls of their terraces.

Vineyards of Burignon also offer a wide place for new specialities: Malbec, Viognier, Cabernet Franc, and even Merlot. All of these wines are raised within the cellars of the Domaine, in large wooden barrels, for the Chasselas and a part of the Pinot noir. The specialities are, as for them, raised in smaller oak « barriques » of 225 L each. Wines of Burignon lend themselves splendidly to the ageing.


The team of Vins de Lausanne is happy to innovate. At Domaine du Burignon, 6000 m2 of Chasselas grape are classified Premier Grand Cru. This selection, a special feature of Canton de Vaud, is a distinction obtained thanks to a demanding way of working the vineyard, sanctioned by controls by experts as well as tastings. The result, the « Chasselas Roches Plates » of Burignon is a fine wine with sharpness, perfectly adapted to gastronomy. The vineyard is essentially handled with organic products. A part of the crops is grown as an experimental try without weeding since 2012.

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