The Riviera region offers a wide choice of cultural offerings. Here are some suggestions for outings not to be missed.

Winegrowers’ Festival

A global event Recognized by UNESCO, which has placed it on the representative list of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity, the Winegrowers Festival unites generations, brings together people from cities, countryside and vineyards, indigenous and foreign, and allows everyone to to surpass oneself and to transcend oneself by participating collectively in a unique show…

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Chaplin’s World

A MUSEUM TO LAUGH, LEARN AND BE ENTERTAIINED AT THE HEART OF THE UNIVERSE OF CHAPLIN Experience an unprecedented experience through time and the magic of cinema. Trois lieux pour partir à la rencontre de l’un des artistes les plus surprenants du XXème siècle et découvrez un maître de l’émotion. For more information :

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Montreux Jazz Festival

The festival For 50 years, the most famous artists have been performing on the shores of Lake Geneva during the famous Montreux Jazz Festival. 16 days of concerts, as many free venues as paying scenes and unusual musical experiences are the ingredients of this unique festival in Switzerland and around the world. For more information…

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